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So Many Choices

With access to all 14 of the Whitefish Chain of Lakes there is always someplace to boat or drive to for good food and drinks.  Here are some recommended favorites.

Shiners Jenkins_edited.jpg


Jenkins / 6 Min by Car

This is the closest and one of the best.  
They have EXCELLENT sandwiches and soups. Shiners often as live music on the weekends.


Moonlite Bay Crosslake_edited.jpg


Crosslake / 15 min by Car / 40 min by Boat

Moonlite bay kills it on two fronts:

  • They have one of the best patios on the Whitefish Chain with great views of the lake

  • They are the easiest boat slips to get in and out of. If you’re a boat renter, this is a super relaxing ride across the entire chain for a great drink and decent food.


Zorbaz Crosslake_edited.jpg


Crosslake / 15 min by Car / 40 min by Boat

Zorbaz is another one that you can get to by boat or by car. Pizza is what they're known for. There is a boat slip and a wonderful deck.


The Warf Crosslake_edited.jpg


Crosslake / 15 min by Car / 40 min by Boat

The Wharf has become an iconic symbol in the Crosslake area by locals and vacationers alike. Great food and drinks and it's hard to miss by boat.

Bourbon Room Crosslake.jpg


Crosslake / 15 Min by Car

This restaurant features a really wide variety of food and delicious cocktails (bourbon heavy but not exclusively). The atmosphere is fun and laid back and it’s a good place to watch a game at the bar.  The menu is huge and you’ll have a hard time not finding something for everyone.

One popular item is the Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos. They also have a surprising variety of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. 

Pine Peaks Crosslake_edited.jpg


Crosslake / 20 Min by Car

This is the best breakfast we found. There’s something for everyone on the menu, including the Northlander Omelets and the kids love the mini-donut basket! 

It’s also near Reed’s Market (good grocery store) and a decent liquor store, so you can fill up on supplies while you’re out.

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